Family photography portraits capture a moment in time alongside those you care for most. They are treasured memories, placed on a wall or a mantle of a specific time and place. Over the years of photographing families of all shapes and sizes at Arch and Vow Studio, they have come to realise that these families that make time to do a professional family portrait come, because of various events that triggered them to do so. The ultimate objective is always the same, portraying the idea behind “One Happy Family”. This idea though sound simple, there are many permutation to this.

For a photographer, skills in family portraits are essential and are usually the bread and butter for up and coming photographers. Looking at the history of photography, one of the first popular uses the camera was not for abstract art, or photographing the family pet, but for photographing people and their families. Because of the expense and difficulty of each photo taken, they became masters at getting things right the first time and being able to fit in as many people as possible into the frame. In order to hone in on the small things that make a difference in this classic and often overlooked form of photography.

The reasons why families do professional family potraits:

  • Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones.
  • Someone in the family is ill or dying.
  • Frustrated for not being in the shots.
  • When Everyone is back home.
  • When you have visiting family from back home (eg. grandparents).
  • Before someone leaves home for work/studies/NS.
  • Update family portraits.
  • Know someone who fits in points 1-7 above?

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