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Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. A portrait picture might be artistic.

Fine Art Wedding & Portrait Photography. ARTISTIC they are a visual artist. They craft your story through beautiful, dreamy and artistic photos without losing the real.

What to expect in a portrait photography shoot?

  • Each portrait shoot will start with having a brief discussion of the purpose of the photos.  There is much to consider when the photos are used for personal keepsake or for commercial publication. The setup of background and the photography equipment are vastly depended on the end result desired.
  • Sometimes we will suggest a few more candid shots other than formal shoot.
  • By all means, do voice your ideas and creativity in your very personal portrait shoot.   Our camera is limited by our imagination. Ultimately, our aim is to provide a perfect reflection of the face of the person in the way you wishes to.
  • At the end of the shoot, you are able to go through the photos that has been taken and pick put those that most closely meeting your liking and send it off for further editing.

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