Frim Pre Wedding Malaysia

As a person who love the nature u can come to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) at Kepong.  You can take a photo for pre wedding or wedding photoshoot. Rich variety of flora and fauna that you can get the awesome photo here.

Pre-wedding at FRIM Kepong. Awesome and great Photography by Arch and Vow Studio with beautiful bridal Jeremy & Kye Li’s. beautiful photo with beautiful place.

Outdoor Wedding KL

Do you feel absolutely at home in nature? Have you always dreamed of a barefoot backyard bash, or swapping vows with a meadow as your backdrop? Then you’re probably just the type of bride for an outdoor wedding. Natural landscapes make beautiful settings for wedding ceremonies and create breathtaking photographs. Couples that choose outdoor weddings also save on design costs, since the scenery provides visual interest without much added décor.

Outdoor Wedding KL at Greyhouse Bangsar.  Great Photography by Arch and Vow Studio with beautiful bridal Kah Weng and Carmen. Beautiful photo with beautiful place.

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