Retiring requires adequate savings. With the sharp increase in living costs, medical costs, children’s education costs, and the impact of inflation, many feel that their retirement savings are insufficient to sustain and sustain their current lifestyle when they retire.

The following are some of the benefits of contributing in PRS to individuals and employers:

  • Tax Relief – tax relief of up to RM3,000 per annum will be given to individual contributions to PRS.
  • Tax deduction – employers will also be given a tax deduction on contributions to PRS made on behalf of employees up to 19% of the employee’s income.
  • Total contribution (contribution) – no minimum or maximum limit.
  • Investment Funds – independent contributors to the choice of investment funds (select from PRS providers) according to their needs, goals and level of risk. Can choose more than one investment fund. Generally investment funds are divided into 3 namely growth funds, growth and income funds and income funds. Contributors are also free to choose whether conventional vs Shariah-compliant or local funds vs. Shariah-compliant. overseas.
  • Dividend – no minimum limit is specified and it depends on the performance of the fund.
  • Contribution frequency (contribution) – none
  • Safe – investment through private retirement scheme (PRS) is safe as it is regulated by the Securities Commission.

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