In addition to storing data in a storage and mobile drive (USB Pen Drive), what other functions can you do? Today USB Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive take over the role of a diskette that was once used as an easy-to-carry external data warehouse. The USB Pen Drive has a higher capacity than the disk and its physical form is smaller and lighter than the disk. In today’s information technology world, it is a very important tool in our daily lives whether for work or otherwise.

Even with a variety of attractive and attractive shapes, it is a part of fashion for a person. What’s more interesting is the role of this USB Flash disc not only for data storage but for other uses.

These are as follows: –

  • It can be used to run computer programs directly from OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox and others. These computer programs can be selected by you to attach them to the USB Flash Disk. Please visit the Portable web site for these benefits.
  • If you want this USB Flash disc to work more than running computer programs, then it should be able to run the operating system. This can be done if you want to run a Windows or Linux operating system. The configuration is complicated but you can find the manual online.
  • USB Flash discs can also be a tool for wireless connection by using the wireless connection configuration function available in Windows and storing a copy of the wired connection configuration.
  • It can also be used as a password reset tool for Windows.

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