The sound system is a component of a device that can provide a sound output that is greater than the original [input]. As the name suggests, this tool consists of several components that are composed of each other, where each component has a different function.

Important Components in a Sound System

We need to know what components are contained in the Sound System, and what important components should and must be present when used in an event.

1. Microphone

Without this mic, the sound cannot be channeled to the loudspeaker which can later be output in the form of a bigger sound output (volume) or louder.

2. Power Amplifier

A device that drives the loudspeaker by amplifying the audio signal. This component is often referred to as “audio amplifier”.

3. Audio Mixer

Is an analog and digital sound mixer, which can produce sound by changing the level and dynamic harmonization of the audio signal.

4. Loudspeaker

It is a transducer that converts electrical signals into audio frequencies that can be heard by the sense of hearing. This loudspeaker serves as a medium for conducting sound so that it can be heard loud and clear.

Usefulness of a Sound System

Sound systems are usually combined with other multimedia devices such as projectors and screens. The projector will project an image or video on a screen, which of the video will be piped to the Sound System to create a louder sound so that the entire audience in the room can hear.

The projector will be connected to the Sound System through a port that is connected using a cable. From this cable, the sound from the projector is then transferred to Sound so that the Sound system can receive the sound which will later be processed into a larger sound output or output.

Apart from projectors, the sound system can also be connected to other devices such as musical instruments or single devices. Can be connected to an electric guitar or other device.

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