How many Event that Dfd Creation Provide?

DFD Creations was founded by a small group of passionate art enthusiasts. This entertainment company was originally set up for performing fire dances accompanied by the aboriginal Australian musical instrument, the didgeridoo. DFD Creations has now grown to become a leading entertainment company offering performances for all events such as company dinners, product launches, family days, carnivals and even private birthday parties.  Available is a large pool of talents who can provide hours of non-stop fun, entertainment and performances that will meet the expectations of your target audience.

Micheal Jackson Malaysia

Among the most popular requests for entertainment performers from their clients are requests for impersonators of celebrities, especially of the comical ones. Their impersonators are very professional and you would not be faulted if you thought the celebrity himself was performing before you. No less impressive is the character of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson has popularized this unique moonwalk dance routine. Now DFD Creations has its own Michael Jackson to captivate audiences at your events in Malaysia. Be enthralled and amazed by Malaysia’s Michael Jackson.

Petting Zoo Malaysia

Animals are always a huge attraction at carnivals or corporate family day events, particularly those held in urban areas in Malaysia where chances to touch and play animals are scarce.  DFD Creations can bring a mini petting zoo to your event. Their petting zoos can be customised to your event. For example, they have cute and furry rabbits (among others) for the children to pet and feed. Exotic animals (e.g. snakes) can be presented for educational events. they also provide animals for your advertising needs and photo shoots.  

Live Band Performance Malaysia

Live band performances can also be arranged by DFD Creations anywhere in Malaysia. These performance bands play live music of any genre and therefore can be customised to your particular function. Percussion band performances are particularly effective in creating the mood you require for your function.

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