Giving Gifts to Children: Necessary or Not?

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Every parent wants the best for their child from all aspects such as food, clothes and gifts. Some parents don’t mind spending a lot to fulfill their children’s desires but don’t give them the attention they deserve. This shows that money is not everything because children need more than just expensive gifts.

Why should parents not give too many gifts to children?

Give birth to a greedy attitude when they grow up later

According to research, children who are used to giving gifts will experience emotional problems and behave negatively socially as adults later. They will have difficulty controlling their greed which will eventually lead them to gamble, go into debt or shop beyond their means. Gift giving will certainly make them happy, but if excessive it will cause them to be greedy and always want something beyond their means.

Lowering the level of self-confidence

A person’s self-confidence is formed in childhood and will be polished as they age. Excessive gift giving will cause them to feel that all their desires will be fulfilled just by asking. They will ignore the feelings and obstacles of other individuals in order to fulfill their wishes. Children who are materialistic tend to have low levels of self-confidence compared to children who can control their desires. Parents should teach children not to beg so that this problem can be curbed.

Decreased feelings of empathy

Children who only care about the value of the gifts they get tend to grow up as egocentric individuals with a lack of empathy. Giving excessive gifts for no reason will make them feel like they have everything and thus make them less sympathetic towards other individuals who are less fortunate than themselves. Parents should instill a generous attitude in their children to give birth to people who have a sense of empathy as adults.

What to do?

If you want to give gifts to your children and at the same time want to instill a good attitude in them, here are some tips that can be used:

  • You can give gifts to your children when they succeed in something, for example getting a good grade in an exam, being selected to participate in a competition or behaving well.
  • You can also give them a gift as a token of appreciation.
  • The best way to punish their bad behavior is to prevent them from playing with their favorite games such as smartphones.

After all, giving too many and frequent gifts for no reason will only have a negative effect on them. Children need to be inculcated with an attitude of not asking and being grateful from an early age. Parents should use the appropriate reason and time to give their children gifts in order to instill appreciation in children.

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