The correct servicing of the truck scales is a safe way to stay in compliance and avoid downtime. If the scale is dusty or has a build-up of debris and material, it can lead to different issues such as imprecision and eventually shorten the life of the scale. Any simple maintenance may prevent repairs or the need to buy a new truck scale.

  • Increased opportunities for rust and corrosion

Dirty scales tend to keep down moisture. It is necessary to allow scales to dry properly, while avoiding problems such as rust, corrosion and damage to electrical components. Replacing rusted or corroded parts, rather than doing preventive repairs and off-scale washing, can be less cost-effective in the long term. This maintenance can require the inspection of the size of the truck and/or pit. It can also be useful to verify that the pump(s) in the pit are in good working order.

  • Seasonal Environmental Wear and Tears

Rainfall and litter are more likely to be observed on the scale during spring and fall. Left inside, if the temperature decreases, it will freeze. Frozen components in the scale which contribute to a scale that does not work properly. Cleaning debris or freezing water can help avoid damage to vital materials, such as loading cells.

  • Accelerate Steel Degradation

Scales can deteriorate due to soil, moisture or debris. If the scale is filthy, it can create friction and reduce the life of the scale. The tension and bonding between the scale and the scale wall would also influence the reading of the scale. The deterioration of steel which ultimately contributes to the replacement of the components of the steel scale. Cleaning debris and relieving binds will help avoid the wear and tear of the scale components. Another way to improve the life of these pieces is to do grease work.

  • Inaccuracy of Weight Reading

Dirty scales are more likely to offer wrong weight results and make the scale weigh out of tolerance. Getting your scales professionally serviced by a reputable firm at times that suit your needs is an efficient way to ensure that your scale remains balanced and works beyond tolerance.

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