Know the Types of Speakers and Their Functions

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The selection of speakers with the best quality is definitely needed for the purpose of listening to music that is more enjoyable and comfortable. If you choose the wrong speaker, then the sound of the music you are listening to will not be maximum, it may be that the sound of the music even sounds strange and squeaky.

Therefore it is very important to choose a speaker made of the best components, for example by paying attention to the speaker leaf on the front. The presence of this front speaker leaf is useful for determining the sound quality that emerges. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the magnets on the back. Because the level of clarity and roundness of the sound produced are all determined by the magnets used. Make sure the speaker of your choice uses a large magnet.

However, before buying a speaker, you should first know the types of speakers and their functions. That way you will not be more confused or wrong in choosing the speaker that suits your desires.

1. Subwoofer

The first type of speaker is a subwoofer, this is a low tone speaker type. These types of subwoofer speakers work at frequencies between 20 Hz – 200 Hz, so heavy sounds will be produced more often and are usually referred to as bass.

Then for the size it turns out to be bigger than other types of speakers, at least the size of this subwoofer speaker ranges from 12 inches – 21 inches. With this size will of course make the type of speaker more able to produce a lower sound that is more optimal.

2. Woofer

Then for the next type there is a woofer. In fact, the role of this type of speaker is not much different from the type of subwoofer speaker, which is to produce low sound or bass. However, the woofer works at a frequency of 40 Hz – 1,000 Hz. Then for its own size it turns out that this woofer has a smaller diameter, ranging from 4 inches – 12 inches.

Uniquely, these types of speakers are often combined with mid range speakers and tweeters, the purpose of which is to produce a different sound in each speaker.

3. Mid range

Regarding size, the following types of speakers turn out to have a much smaller size, which is about 4 inches – 6 inches only. Meanwhile, the working frequency is between 500 Hz – 5,000 Hz. No need to worry, these types of speakers are able to create a sound that sounds clearer and more focused. This mid range speaker is basically part of a three-way system along with a tweeter and woofer.

However, the mid range speaker does not produce good low tones. The speaker could not even produce a high-pitched sound like a tweeter. His job is just to perfect the type of speaker tweeter or woofer in a three way system.

4. Tweeter

Being one of the smallest types of speakers, because the size is 0.5 inches and the largest is only 4 inches. Having a small size does not make the sound produced by this type of speaker bad, in fact the speaker tweeter is able to produce a pretty good bass sound. The high frequency sound of the speaker tweeter type is guaranteed to be more robust. Because the sound frequency is in the range of 3,500 Hz – 20 kHz.

The squeaky and high sound of this tweeter speaker was apparently produced by a blow to the drum cymbals. Unlike subwoofer speakers that must be installed first on a special speaker box, the tweeter can be installed directly because it is shaped like a box, some are in a circular shape and some are funnel-shaped.

5. Full range

Then for the last type there is full range. These types of speakers work at very wide frequencies, ranging from 40 Hz – 2 kHz. Full range speakers can even make low and high noise at the same time. But of course the sound produced is less maximal as in the type of speakers that are specially made to produce sound at a certain frequency.

This type of full range speaker is often found at field music events. These types of speakers even need a place to be well arranged with other similar speakers

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