Name tags do not damage clothes and are not easily rusty and are highly recommended for you.

Name tags are usually pinned to a shirt or workpiece using a pin or nail that can pierce the fabric and cause damage.

Besides that it can rust and make the appearance a little disturbed. Now the name of the chest can be pinned on the shirt without damaging the shirt by using a magnetic clamp.

Magnetic name tags, of course, take advantage of the tug’s pulling properties so they can stick to a shirt or cloth. In order not to be easily separated, this name tag is glued very strongly and neatly to the chest name. The mounted magnets are 4.5 cm long and can be attached to the chest name made of plastic or PVC.

Although the name tag magnet is more expensive than the name tag pin, when viewed from the advantages of course worth it. With the price of magnetic material that is more expensive than a pin, the price is certainly appropriate.

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