Metal Roofing and Condensation: What You Really Do

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Metal Roofing: Proper Installation and Ventilation Prevents Condensation

Metal roofs do not pose a condensation risk when built on normal residential construction with traditional attic insulation, adequate and well-functioning ventilation, and roof decking.

However, not all homes have these features, and on rare occasions, builders can instal metal roofs on homes that do not have roof decking. Condensation can be a serious concern in these cases.

Three Methods to Avoid Condensation

There are three main methods for avoiding condensation in attics, and preferably, you want all three. Although a home will often work with just two of these items, it can not function well with less than two unless it is situated in an exceptionally dry environment. This are the three items:

  1. Top-of-the-ceiling insulation, like sealing against any air leaks from the living room into the attic.
  2. Building code requires ventilation, which includes intake and exhaust vents.
  3. Under the ceiling drywall, a vapour shield, such as a thick layer of polyethylene.

Failure to take these factors into account when installing a metal roof poses risks. Condensation is a serious enough problem that we suggest reading the whole, in-depth discussion. A quality extremely breathable underlayment, such as VENT3, can be useful in cases where there is an urgent need for additional attic breathability.

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