Methods of using flashcards for Children

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The use of flashcards in teaching children to become proficient in English is a simple and inexpensive method but unfortunately this method is not fully used by parents and also possibly by educators. It is hoped that after you read this topic you will be able to better appreciate the use of flashcards as a method that you can use in teaching children to master English language skills.

There are various activities that you can do with flashcards and you can divide them according to the function of the activity whether to train memory, drill, identify objects and TPR activities. If you use the activities with children at a young age you can make the activities described later as a game. By making it a game it will be more interesting to learn.

Memory Test

This activity is designed to test the memory of your children and students. All you have to do is place some flashcards on the floor in a circle. Leave the part pictured above. If it involves only one person, give them a minute to remember all the objects on all the flashcards. If you are with one group of children or students you can divide them into two or more groups and give them two minutes to list all the objects they can remember. This exercise is ideal for testing children’s memory as well as giving them a kind of mind exercise. What is important is that there is a need to design such an activity as a game for the child and not make it as an exercise. This is to make sure they have fun with the activity and don’t feel pressured to memorize the flashcards.

Latihtubi Activity – Invisible Card

In this activity you can place 9 flashcards on the board. Make sure that the part of the flashcard picture is the visible part. Draw a circle around all the flashcards. Then use a pen and show all nine flashcards repeatedly and say each word of the flashcard. Remove the flashcards one by one but continue to point to where the flashcards were. When you remove the first flashcard you have to point to the blank and nod your head and encourage the child to say the word the flashcard you have removed. Your kids and students will be amazed that they can remember the flashcard pictures. For your younger students you can then put the flashcard back in its correct place and ask them where the card went. For other students you can have them go to the board and write the correct word for the flashcard that has been removed. This activity will highlight the effects of visual equipment and it will prove that the image seen on the flashcard will ‘stick’ in the minds of students.

Introductory Activity – Reveal the word

Cover the flashcard or word card with a piece of card and then slowly reveal the flashcard and ask your children or students to guess which card you are revealing. Once the card has been revealed you can sing the words of the flash card or the word card. Differentiate the tone of your voice, whisper and shout those words. The child will automatically imitate you. Alternatively you can flip the cards over quickly so they can see the card at a glance and repeat your action until they can guess exactly the word for the flashcard.

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