Retina Detachment Treatment in Malaysia

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What is Retinal detachment? and Why it happen?

Retinal detachment is a complicated eye problem caused by the separation of retina from its supporting layers. The retina is a nervous tissue that transmits information we see to the brain. When the retina is detached information cannot be relayed to the brain and you could permanently lose vision if the detached retina isn’t repaired promptly.

Retinal detachment treatment Malaysia

Various Symptoms of Retinal Detachment Symptoms:

  • Persistent flashes of light, especially in peripheral vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Floaters in the eye
  • Visual field defect
  • “Curtain” floating in front of the eye

Affordable Retinal Detachment treatment in Malaysia

Top Vision Eye Specialist Centre provide high-quality and affordable Retinal Detachment Eye Surgery & Treatments in Malaysia.

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