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The turbine exhaust

While a turbine may appear to be complicated at first appearance, it is actually rather simple. This circular vent, like a window, is driven by the wind. It contains a circular fan that is extremely responsive to winds. When the wind blows in the proper direction, it rotates the fan, which pulls up and disperses air from the attic. There are good reasons why you find circular vents on so many houses – let’s look at the benefits.

The Advantages of Using a Turbine

  1.  Roof vents must transfer hot, humid air from the attic to the outside so that humidity does not build up and produce mildew, rot, or other moisture problems that Findlay Roofing frequently encounters when dealing with attic difficulties. Because turbines are linked directly to attic spaces, they may efficiently suck away that wet air. This function is especially beneficial during the winter, when homes are filled with rising warm air that must be dispersed.
  2. Ridge vents are slots that run along the ridges beneath a roof and are an alternative to ridge vents. They are quite effective in venting hot attic air, although they are not always available. When there isn’t enough room for ridge vents in an attic, turbine vents are typically the next best option. They are highly adaptable in terms of location, and there is almost always room for them.
  3. No need for an energy source: Turbines are what we call passive vents, which means they don’t require an energy source to operate – just a little amount of wind, which is frequently present on roofs even on quiet days. That is, they move a lot of air without ever incurring any power expenses. The only expense you need to be concerned about is the installation fee.
  4. Because of their basic, rounded shape, turbine vents are rarely affected by anything other than big debris. They may be used for many years to come with very minor upkeep.

Other factors to consider

While turbines are generally long-lasting, they do age, especially when subjected to regular storms or attic moisture. Rust, wear, and other issues are caused by the exposure: A frequent problem with turbine vents is that they acquire a “squeak” over time, which may be unpleasant. Regular use of an oil such as WD-40 can help prevent this problem, and high-quality versions are less prone to squeaks.

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