Audio and visual requirements will have a significant impact on a variety of decisions you will need to make. From the venue to your guest speakers, it’s important to think carefully about what technology you will need. To help get you started, we’ve put together some of the best equipment for different types of events.

Audio Visual Equipment For Conferences

Most conferences follow a similar format. Your guests will usually be seated in a theatre or banquet style (although classroom or u-shapes can be popular too), with your speakers presenting from a stage or area towards one side of the room. 

Best audio equipment

PA Systems

PA systems typically include microphones, amplifiers, speakers, mixers and related equipment. They ensure that your speakers can be heard by all your attendees with ease. 

The type of PA system you need for your event will depend on the size of your conference and the venue in which it is held. You may also want to think about your presenter’s preferences. Some, for example, prefer a wireless microphone as it allows them to speak hands-free (which can be helpful if they need to use a remote to control their visuals).


Speakers are often included in your PA system, but they really are an essential part of your conference set up, which is why we’re mentioning them again. 

When you choose your audio equipment, think about all the different sounds you might need to amplify.

Recording Equipment

You may wish to record your conference audio too. This can be helpful if you want to broadcast your conference content after your event has taken place (for example, as a podcast or video) or use it in future event marketing materials.

Best visual equipment


Projectors are usually the visual equipment of choice for mid to large conference events. These are typically hooked up to a laptop and project the display onto a projection screen.

Projection Screens

As mentioned above, projection screens work in conjunction with projectors. Like with projector equipment, there are a wide variety of projection screens out there.

When choosing one for your conference, there are a few key elements to think about – the most important of which is the size. Think about how many attendees are planned for your conference and select accordingly. Too small and the display won’t be easily visible from the back. Too large and the display may be overpowering for those near the front.

LED or Plasma Screens

For smaller conference gatherings, a projector and screen may not be necessary. LED or plasma screens (for example, similar to large home televisions) can function well in smaller venues. If your venue doesn’t have this visual technology in the room you choose, it is possible to hire screens like these for your event.

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