Things Affecting The Pagespeed Of A Website 

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The page loading time of a website has an important role in bringing in visitors. The convenience of visitors will be affected by the fast or slow page speed of a website. Then this will also have a continuing impact on the user experience. Websites that have high traffic tend to have fast page speeds because the user experience is quite good, so visitors feel at home on the website.

Therefore, if you have a business website, you need to pay attention to whether your website has a fast or slow page loading time. If your business website has a slow page speed, you will have some disadvantages. As stated by Google, if your website pagespeed is more than 3 seconds, then half of your website visitors will leave or leave your website.

If your website visitors leave this will certainly have an impact on the conversion rate of your business. Websites with fast page speeds tend to have high conversion rates, because if the convenience of website visitors is poor, then the possibility is very small for users to buy a product from the website. Because to make a payment on a website, it takes several actions that require moving from one website page to another. Of course, visitors will not feel at home if it takes a long time to move from one page to another.

In addition, a website with a slow page speed will affect the website’s ranking in search engines. Like Google, they want users to get the best experience, so for the sake of a good user experience, they pay attention to the pagespeed of each website that will be displayed in their search engine results page. Of course a website with a slow page speed will lose to a website that has a fast page loading time.

Therefore, you need to optimize your business website for the good of your business. Here are things you need to pay attention to that can affect the speed of your website.

Website Hosting

The choice of web hosting to run your business website is crucial. If the web server provided by the web hosting is fast, then your website will also load quickly. Because users who want to access a website need to run a program and access files on the web server. Therefore it is important to find out the quality of the web server you choose.

File Size

The pagespeed of a website is also affected by the amount of data stored or the size of the files stored. Files that are stored a lot on a website can make your website speed slow down. Likewise, large file sizes will increasingly be affected. So it is necessary to make a limit on the size of the file that will be uploaded or posted to the website.

Use of CDN

CDN stands for content delivery network which is a global collection of servers that can serve to keep your website stable and active. The use of this CDN can make your website loading time faster, because with the use of a CDN data transfer requests will be served from the nearest server, so there is no need to wait for remote server access that has to pass through several routing servers.

Theme Selection

It’s good, before you choose a theme for your website, you need to do some research on the quality of the theme. A theme with many attractive attributes will affect the page loading speed of your website. Website themes that have a lot of animation tend to make website performance heavy. Therefore, use the attributes or elements of the theme you are using in moderation.

Number of Plugins

Plugins are software that can provide additional features on your website. Using too many plugins can affect the performance of your website’s pagespeed. Therefore, use a plugin that has many features at once to minimize the use of a lot of plugins and immediately delete plugins that are not used.

Javascript Blocking

In websites, Javascript is useful for providing interactive functions. Your website will feel more attractive, but the use of external Javascript can often cause rendering blocks. Therefore, you should minimize the use of Javascript, especially external to increase the page loading time of your business website.

If you are a beginner website owner, the things above can be a concern for you to keep your pagespeed performance stable.

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