Types And Functions Of Air Compressors In Industry In General

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Basically, the price of an air compressor has a function to take the air or gas around the machine, and then it will be immediately given pressure while in the tube, then it is then flowed back into a new form of air, namely high-pressure air. Other functions of the compressor itself are generally used for various needs, including such as:

  • Provides a high pressure clean air supply to fill a gas cylinder or cylinder
  • Provide high pressure clean air supply to the pneumatic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) control system for various building or building needs.
  • Provides a large supply of high pressure air for various heavy equipment that requires air power for work or what is called Pneumatic Tools
  • Supplying high pressure air for industrial purposes that have a large scale, such as the oxidation of oil coke, to power plants.

In addition, the compressor machine is also one of the main tools for carrying out various other jobs such as filling air for vehicle tires, air supply for divers, providing air supply for various spray and air brush equipment, becoming an air grinder, and so on.

Air compressor types:

  • Mini Air Compressor

For compressor distributors, this mini air compressor is the compressor that is most sought after by people for their small to medium scale business needs. The mini compressor does not require a large pressure tube, and the way it works is also quite simple when compared to other types, because it only relies on blowing air.

  • Direct Driven Air Compressor

As the name implies, this type of compressor will use a direct driven method, which is a motor that is directly connected to the existing air pump. One of the advantages of this compressor is the speed of filling the air through the work of the rotating air pump up to 2,850 rpm

  • Belt Driven Air Compressor

Through the use of a chain rope (belt), this compressor is therefore the most commonly found in various tire repairer business owners. This type of compressor becomes a link between the initiator force and the air pump through the application of a rope chain or commonly called a vanbelt (v-belt).

  • Screw Type Air Compressor

If you need air pressure for 24 hours non-stop, then a screw air compressor is the answer. Because it can last quite a long time, this type of air compressor is also capable of producing a higher air flow than other types. Another advantage of a screw compressor is that it doesn’t have a lot of water vapor, and the sound is quiet. So, for those of you who have a need for a large amount of air pressure for manufacturing industries such as factories, then you can choose a screw compressor as the solution.

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