The definition of Event Management can be defined as organizing an event that is managed in a professional, systematic, efficient and effective manner whose activities include the concept (planning) to implementation to supervision.

In Event Management, everyone must work hard with the same vision to produce events that match expectations. There is a need for solidarity from everyone involved in the team. In other words, an event organizer means not only one person who feels he is the best at carrying out his duties but everything depends on one another.

Marketing the Definition of Event Management for the first time requires trust and confidence that the event can run successfully. People assigned to market have the courage to guarantee that their participation or participation as sponsors or participants in the event will have a positive impact or bring benefits.

The usual method is to invite associations, social organizations or large companies that are promoting.

In general, in the implementation of the definition of event management, there are often things that are not planned and how to deal with it, an event coordinator must be firm but wise, it is necessary to remember that an event is a service activity and its duty must be to provide the best possible service to all those involved in the event. including all members of the committee. If in the implementation of an event, the team must be compact and each work hand in hand to make the event a success but still coordinated.

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