What is Load Cell?

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Load cell is an electrical device test equipment that can convert energy into other energy which is used to convert a force into an electrical signal.

Changes from one system to another do not occur in two stages only but must go through the stages of mechanical regulation, strength and energy can feel the change in conditions from good to unfavorable.

In the strain gauge (load cell) or so-called strain gauge deformation. The strain gauge measures the effect change in strain as an electrical signal, because the effective change occurs in the resistance load of the electric wire.

A load cell / slot generally consists of four aspects of strain gauge in a configuration system on a Wheatstone Bridge. Load cell / slot of one strain gauge or two strain gauges.

The electrical signal output is usually supplied and sequenced by several millivolts and requires amplification by an instrumentation amplifier before it can be used.

The output of changing condition monitoring can be increased to calculate the force applied to the repair and to monitor its condition. Various types of load cells / slots exist including hydraulic load cells / slots. Strain gauge is the most important part of a load cell, with a function to detect the magnitude of the change in distance dimensions caused by a force element. Strain gauge is generally used in the precision measurement of force, weight, pressure, torque, displacement and other mechanical quantities.

After that it is converted into stress energy into the mechanical member. The strain gauge produces a change in resistance value that is proportional to the long-term change or change with the length of the process.

A strain gauge has two basic types of strain gages, namely:

1.Bound (bonded)

The bonded strain gauge is all parts attached to the force member using a kind of adhesive. While the force elements are stretched, the strain gauge can also extend.

2. Unbonded.

The unbonded strain gauge has one end corner attached to the force element and the other end attached to the force collector. This requirement is often used to test the feasibility of a strain gauge system for certain applications where the strain gauge calibration constant must be stable, meaning that it does not change with time, temperature and other environmental factors. The accuracy of the strain measurement is ± 1μs and in the strain area of ​​± 10%, the standardized size of the strain gauge, namely 1o length and wo thickness, must be small. a load cell is a testing tool and device to help the performance and components of the load cell sensor (strain gauge).

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