Sticker is a label printed on a piece of paper, plastic or other material with a sticker on one side. Whereas the labels here are descriptions of names, identities, information and so on. Stickers are generally used for identity, decoration or for other purposes.

The shape and size of the stickers can be various, including colors and designs according to functional purposes so that they are generally made to order ranging from small to large sizes.

In certain situations, stickers are used in the promotion section, political campaigns, or the identity of certain groups or organizations. For example, a sticker placed on someone’s windshield as a way to show the identity of the car owner, promotion of tourist destinations, support for political parties, promotion of company products, and so on. Some people even make stickers as collections by collecting and exchanging stickers with other collectors.

Types of Stickers

  • Sticker Paper
  • Stickers Vinyl (Plastic)
  • Sticker Perforation

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