What is the purpose and Why choose PRS?

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PRS represents Private Retirement Schemes. Basically PRS provides funds for individuals to invest with the aim of contributing to the pension. Like the EPF, it also allows employers to make contributions. However, participation in PRS is voluntary and provides more flexibility and investment options.

What is the purpose of the PRS fund?

To provide long-term returns to members through a regulated framework.

All PRS assets are segregated from PRS Providers and are placed under a trust held by an Independent Scheme Trustee.

The similarity of PRS with EPF established is intended to help individuals build assets and finances on their retirement day.

Why choose PRS?

A wise choice if choosing a PRS scheme as a pension plan as a financial back up for your future.

Much more and double the money you will get compared to EPF which is often issued for personal use such as paying a car / house loan, renovating a house, buying a motorbike, PTPTN and so on.

Unconsciously all savings become dry.

Leave account 1 which is not sure enough or not for your old age.

The PRS scheme is an investment technique.

That is, double the existing savings.

For more information about PRS Malaysia, please visit https://www.vka.com.my/

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