Applications for dosing & metering

The cavities within the PC pump taper at their ends and overlap, but there is no flow pulsation other than that induced by the compression of pump components or fluid. It is this quiet, low pulsation pump that makes PC pumps so well suited for metering applications.

The flow rate of the PC pumps is equal to their speed such that they can be used for the dosage of viscous fluids, such as additives and chemicals.

Pumping shear-Sensitive material

The volumetric flow rate of the PC pump is equal to its rate of rotation. This applies to the pumped fluid with very little shear. This function, along with a lower internal velocity, makes PC pumps suitable for pumping shear-sensitive materials such as fluids with fragile solids.

Pumping materials with an abrasive particle

In other pump designs, fluids move along the inner walls of the housing at high speeds. When the pumped substance contains abrasive solids, it essentially “courses” the surfaces of the pump and allows it to wear out before its usable lifetime.

A progressive cavity pump, on the other hand, carries the fluid into a long housing. The abrasive particles fly parallel to the internal surfaces at a lower speed, rather than reaching them centrifugally at a higher speed. This makes PC pumps even more abrasion-resistant and robust than other pump types for these applications.

Pumping heavy or viscous fluids

Progressive cavity pumps are suitable for moving fluids with higher viscosities. For a centrifugal compressor, the flow rate reduces as the viscosity of the fluid increases. This is less effective since the pump needs to increase its energy consumption in order to keep up. PC pumps, like other types of positive displacement pumps, produce flow. The PC pump is generally more effective as the viscosity increases and can have about the same flow rate regardless of the weight of the pumped liquid.

Applications that require a vector flow

PC pumps create a particular flow per revolution, making it easy to regulate the flow of the pump by merely controlling the pump speed. They fit well with variable frequency drives to control flow speeds. You can also use PC pumps when you need a constant flow, but the viscosity of the pumped fluid is variable.

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