Why It’s Important to Read to Children and How to Begin

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Babies and young children absorb almost everything in their surrounds. That is correct! Even during story time, their minds are busy processing all of the words they hear and lessons the characters learn.

Reading to your child, at any age, will help their brain growth, strengthen your relationship, and much more. All it takes is a few books, some motivation, and some time.

Here’s where to begin.

What are the advantages of reading aloud to children?

Begin by visualizing the situation. You select a book. You settle into your favorite recliner, your youngster on your lap, and turn the first of many smooth, bright pages.

You start reading, and your youngster is completely engrossed in the narrative. It’s a miracle. What’s even great is that your youngster is learning as well as having fun!

Reality may differ slightly: just know you’re not alone if your infant attempts to devour the book or your toddler walks around the room instead of sitting calmly. However, the advantages of reading remain the same.


Reading is a fantastic way for you and your kid to bond. It’s a pleasant way to spend time together and unwind after a long day.

Reading, according to 2008 research, can help maintain a strong parent-child bond. When children are read to, they feel safe. Furthermore, caregivers who have a favorable attitude about books and reading assist their children develop a positive attitude toward literacy.

Listening abilities

Hearing a story read aloud requires some amount of comprehension on the side of your youngster. And comprehension is based on paying attention — that is, on listening abilities.

According to Scholastic’s experts, listening is a skill that children must master before they can read.

They propose that books on tape are an excellent supplement to one-on-one reading with your youngster. These, like goofy voices, music, and other embellishments, frequently give entertainment value as well.

Language and cognitive development

Hearing their caretakers read to them benefits even the smallest children. According to a 2013 research, babies who are read to and talked to do better in language skills and cognitive development, such as problem solving.

According to 2018 research, this relationship persists throughout infancy and into adolescence. According to studies, linguistic contacts (reading, chatting, etc.) between parents and early children may encourage greater language and IQ scores up to the age of 14.

Vocabulary expansion

According to the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning, reading books to children helps them increase the amount and variety of words they use. Consider this: the words you read in books are typically ones you would not use in ordinary conversation.

You may end up using more precise names for certain flora or animals when reading a book, or you may use more adjectives (descriptive words) overall. And it all adds up.

According to one 2019 research, children who are routinely read to in the five years before kindergarten are exposed to 1.4 million more words than children who are not read to during those years.

Concentration span

Reading to children, according to Dinah Castro, a multilingual family well-being educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension, helps them develop important focus and self-discipline abilities.

You’ve undoubtedly had to cope with a wiggling, preoccupied child during story time. However, you may observe that, over time, consistent reading encourages children to listen in order to grasp.

When they are listening, they are more likely to sit still, develop a longer attention span, and even practise their developing memory-retention abilities.


Books and stories introduce your youngster to a whole new world. There are many nonfiction books on dinosaurs, bugs, and airplanes. Fiction stories, on the other hand, go beyond the real world and incorporate fantasy aspects that encourage children to think beyond the box.

Children already have great imaginations, so reading allows them to expand on them. PBS experts also emphasize the importance of creativity in developing interests and ideas, as well as supporting emotional wellness.

Lessons from Life

Books give a chance to discuss real-world issues in an age-appropriate manner. Kids love books that portray children their own age doing activities they do every day.

Reading books about certain themes, in addition to modeling what occurs in various situations, may help youngsters not feel alone while dealing with something new, such as moving across the country, or something potentially painful, such as going to the dentist.

Social and emotional growth

Reading to young children, according to Castro, teaches them how to cope with “tough or unpleasant circumstances.” She goes on to say that reading books about potentially stressful events, such as starting a new school, may help start a dialogue and educate youngsters that their emotions are normal.

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